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Article: How to Choose a Dog Bed: Your Guide to Choosing a Bed Your Pup Will Love

How to Choose a Dog Bed: Your Guide to Choosing a Bed Your Pup Will Love

How to Choose a Dog Bed: Your Guide to Choosing a Bed Your Pup Will Love

Our furry companions deserve the very best when it comes to comfort and care. Just like us, our dogs are at their best after a good night’s sleep. A good dog bed helps your pup sleep soundly and protects their joints while they’re dreaming, but how do you choose a bed that’s right for your four-legged friend? 

With so many different sizes, materials, and styles to choose from, finding the right dog bed can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help! At Bluewater Dog, we know a thing or two about giving your pup the best rest possible. Our luxury dog beds are made using high-end quality materials and premium orthopedic memory foam to provide the best possible support for your dog’s joints and muscles while they’re getting some much-needed rest.

Today, we’re going to draw from our own experience and help you understand how to choose a dog bed. We’ll show you how choosing the right dog bed can have a huge impact on your dog’s health, and we’ll give you some essential tips for how to choose a good dog bed that your pup will use, love, and benefit from. 

But before we discuss picking a dog bed, why is choosing the right dog bed such a big deal to begin with?

Why Choosing a Dog Bed Isn’t Something to Take Lightly

As responsible pet parents, we strive to provide our pooches with the utmost love, care, and comfort. Selecting the right dog bed isn't just about providing a soft spot for your pup to rest; it goes beyond that, impacting their health, happiness, and overall quality of life. Here’s why choosing a dog bed that’s perfect for your pup is so important. 

The Impact on Your Pet’s Health and Happiness

A well-designed dog bed provides proper support to your pup's bones and joints, which is especially important for senior dogs or those with joint issues. Plus, certain bed materials can help regulate your dog's body temperature, keeping them comfortable throughout the year.

The wrong dog bed can lead to discomfort, disrupted sleep, and even contribute to serious musculoskeletal problems that can affect your dog’s quality of life and longevity. A restless night for your pup may also result in behavioral issues, reduced energy levels, and overall unhappiness. 

By choosing a dog bed that suits your dog, you're offering your pup a safe and secure space to unwind, promoting better sleep quality and a happier, healthier dog.

Getting the Best Bang For Your Buck With Durability/Quality

Compromising on quality isn’t worth it when it comes to choosing a dog bed. Low-quality beds often deteriorate quickly, losing their shape and support after just a few uses. For a restless or active dog, a flimsy bed may not last long, leading to frequent replacements, which is much more expensive in the long run.

Choosing a dog bed that’s durable and high-quality ensures it can withstand your pup's playful antics and daily wear and tear. A sturdy bed retains its shape and support in the long term, offering better value for your money and providing your pup with consistent comfort and overall better health.

Making Your Life as a Pet Parent Easier With Simple Washing

Let's face it; a large part of having a dog is cleaning up after them. Whether it's muddy paws, shedding fur, or an occasional accident, it’s crucial to choose a dog bed that's easy to clean. When considering how to choose a dog bed, opting for a bed with a removable, machine-washable cover can save you time and effort when it comes to maintaining a clean sleeping environment for your pup.

How to Choose a Dog Bed Your Furry-Friend Will Love: Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Dog Bed

So we know why choosing a dog bed is important, but how do you actually find a bed that’s perfect for your dog? Let’s take a look at how to choose a dog bed that’s ideal for you and your pup.

Measuring Up: How to Choose a Dog Bed Size 

Understanding how to choose a dog bed size is perhaps the most important part of choosing a dog bed. The general rule is to measure your dog while they’re sleeping, from their nose to the base of their tail. Add 8 to 12 inches, and that’s the size you’re looking for.

A spacious bed that allows your dog to stretch out comfortably is more important for larger breeds, while smaller dogs might prefer a snug, secure spot to curl up in. If in doubt, always round up - a slightly roomier bed is better than one that’s too small. 

Personality Meets Comfort: Matching Dog Bed Styles to Your Pup’s Sleeping Habits

Just like us, dogs have unique sleeping habits. Some pups love to sprawl out, while others prefer to snuggle in a cozy nest. While you’re figuring out how to choose a dog bed, get to know your dog's favorite sleeping positions to identify their style. 

For dogs that enjoy stretching, choosing a dog bed that’s flat and cushioned might be ideal. If your pup loves to burrow and feel safe, a donut or cave-style bed could be a perfect match. Understanding your dog's preferences will help you pick a bed that aligns with their personality and ensures they feel right at home while they’re snoozing.

Materials Matter: Our Advice on Choosing Fabric for Dog Bed

As well as understanding how to choose a dog bed size and style, choosing fabric for dog beds is an important consideration. If your pup sheds a lot, a bed with hair-resistant fabric (or fabric that’s at least easy to clean) would be beneficial. For dogs prone to allergies, hypoallergenic materials can provide relief. 

A blend of memory foam and orthopedic foam is a great choice, especially for senior dogs or those with joint issues, while anxious dogs tend to do best with a furry, cozy material. By choosing fabric for dog beds that’s right for your pup, you're ensuring maximum comfort and satisfaction for your furry friend.

Key Dog Bed Features to Look For: Removable Covers, Temperature Regulation, and More

A dog bed with convenient features can make both your and your pup's lives easier. Choosing a dog bed with removable and machine-washable covers helps maintain cleanliness and freshness without hours of scrubbing over the tub. 

Temperature-regulating beds are beneficial for dogs that struggle with temperature changes, while waterproof or moisture-resistant materials are essential for puppies or dogs with occasional accidents. Anti-slip bottoms prevent the bed from moving around on slippery floors and are a nice touch for older dogs that may not be as nimble as they once were.

The Aesthetic Aspect: How Your Dog's Bed Can Complement Your Home Decor

Your dog bed isn’t something that you can hide away - it needs to be easily accessible whenever your dog wants to relax. For this reason, it’s a good idea to choose a bed that suits your home’s interior and complements your other furniture. 

Many dog bed manufacturers offer a variety of styles, colors, and patterns to match your interior design. Choose a dog bed that gels with your home's aesthetic while providing your pup with the comfort they deserve. 

Location, Location, Location: Factoring in the Bed Placement, Travel, etc.

Think about where your dog's bed will be placed in your home. Whether it's in the living room, bedroom, or elsewhere, the bed should be located where your dog feels safe and can rest undisturbed. 

If you frequently travel with your furry friend, choosing a dog bed that’s portable and easily foldable bed might be practical for on-the-go comfort. Considering your lifestyle and your dog's habits will guide you in choosing a dog bed that seamlessly fits into your daily routine.

Confidence in Quality: Assess Brand Reputation and Customer Service Before You Buy

The final step in how to choose a dog bed is to make sure you’re buying from a reputable brand. Do some quick research, read some reviews, and check things like whether the brand is easy to contact, and what sort of refund or return policy they offer. 

Now That You Know How to Choose a Good Dog Bed, Find the Perfect Pick at Bluewater Dog!

At Bluewater Dog, our next level luxury, bouclé dog beds will help your dog sleep like the prince or princess you know they are. Available in a range of sizes and colors to suit your dog and home, our premium dog beds are made from CertiPUR-US® certified orthopedic memory foam. This conforms to your dog’s body to provide first-class support for your dog’s joints and muscles and reduce pressure points. 

Cleaning a Bluewater Dog bed couldn’t be easier. With a removable bouclé cover that simply zips off the bed and can be machine washed, it's never been simpler to wash your dog’s bed as often as you like. Plus, the orthopedic memory foam interior is encased in a waterproof liner, to protect the foam and make cleaning a breeze. 

The quality of our beds can’t be beaten. While others might not stand the test of time, our beds won’t change shape or go soft. The durable memory foam is designed to protect your dog’s joints for long-term use, leading to a better quality of life and helping you to make the most of your precious pup’s active years.

Parting Thoughts on How to Choose a Dog Bed

At the end of the day, learning how to choose a good dog bed isn’t too complicated. Make sure you measure your dog, understand their sleeping habits and positions, find the right materials and features, and choose a bed that also looks great in your home. Most importantly, make sure you’re investing in a quality bed from a brand you trust. 

At Bluewater Dog, our luxury beds offer all of this, and more. With premium memory foam to protect your dog’s joints, a removable, machine-washable cover, and an upscale design that looks at place in any home, this is an investment that you and your dog will be thankful for. 

Make sure your dog wakes up well-rested and ready for new adventures every day. Protect your dog’s health and comfort with our selection of premium bouclé dog beds. Find yours today!

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