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Absorbent towel & bouclé dog bed covers

Our ultra-soft, removable, and machine-washable bouclé dog bed covers are perfect for mixing and matching with your Bluewater Dog Bed. For dog owners who want to keep their dogs comfortable and dry after bath time or after a fun day on the boat, at the pool, or on the beach, our Bluewater Dog Absorbent Towel Covers are the perfect solution.

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Side of a cream-colored shaggy towel cover on top of an orthopedic memory foam rectangular dog bed with bolsters.Two orthopedic memory foam dog beds with cream-colored shaggy towel covers stacked on top of each other.
Ocean Blue Bouclé CoverGolden Retriever laying on a large, blue-colored orthopedic memory foam boucle dog bed.
Ocean Blue Bouclé Cover Sale priceFrom $68.00
Side of a large, sand-colored orthopedic memory foam boucle dog bed with bolsters.Golden Retriever laying on a large, sand-colored orthopedic memory foam rectangular boucle dog bed with bolsters.
Sand Bouclé Cover Sale priceFrom $68.00
Cloud Bouclé CoverCloud Bouclé Cover
Cloud Bouclé Cover Sale priceFrom $68.00


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Australian Shepherd laying on a large, sand-colored orthopedic memory foam boucle dog bed.
Close up of the YKK zipper made from recycled plastic.

Removable and washable

Mix and match with an extra, washable bouclé dog bed cover. Featuring a non-slip bottom, handle on the back for easy transport, and YKK zippers to make slipping the cover on and off your Bluewater Dog Bed a breeze.

Dog laying on top of a cream-colored shaggy towel cover on top of an orthopedic memory foam rectangular dog bed with bolsters by a pool overlooking the ocean.


Our absorbent towel dog bed cover is made from high-quality, ultra-absorbent microfiber chenille, which is perfect for soaking up moisture. There are no zippers, so all you need to do is stretch it on top of your current Bluewater Dog Bed!

What our customers say

I *love* the towel cover for protecting my dog's bed when he's wet or muddy and waiting for a bath. It's super soft and very well made - much thicker than I was expecting. I also love how it looks in my home - very simple and neat. Definitely recommend if you're someone like me who hates taking the covers off beds to wash - this is a LOT easier to take on/off for cleaning!!

- Maddie A.

Pixie loves her bed! I can confidently say my dog is in doggy heaven every time she curls up in this bed. Weather she's lounging, napping, or simply enjoying some downtime, she does it with a contented sigh that tells me she's cozy. I highly recommend the bed covers, as she loves to scruff and roll around on the little threads. When she had a bladder infection, this was very helpful for washing unexpected accidents that was thrown Bluewater Dog's way. Thank you team!!

- Warren L.

The Absorbent Towel Cover is the best addition ever! We have a Golden that loves to swim! It takes 2 seconds to throw this cover over the bed so that he has someplace comfy to lay down while he is drying off. It's also great for after bath time and rainy days. The design of the cover is great too, it stays in place once you put it on, but pulls off easily when you want it to take it off.

- Val V.

Our Story

Being a dog owner my whole life, I have always struggled with finding a balance between giving my dogs an active life that they deserve and a neat house free of mildew odors brought in by our dog’s beds, toys, and leashes. So, I decided to put my post grad in organic chemistry to good use and designed my own.

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