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German Shepherd and founder Leah on the beach at sunset.

Our Story

Having a dog is a blessing but it can also fill your days with an immense amount of additional work to maintain your house to your standards and not your dog's. Being a dog owner my whole life, I have always struggled with finding a balance between giving my dogs an active life that they deserve and a neat house free of mildew odors brought in by our dog’s beds, toys, and leashes.

Over the last two years, we spent a lot of time on the boat and noticed that having a fun loving, active pet in a marine environment shortens the lifespan of EVERYTHING your pet touches. Our (then) two year old German Shepherd, Aya - who is a very active and water loving dog, put all the collars, leashes, and beds to great tests and we saw how collars and leashes became rusty, mildewy and very odorous. I cannot do mildew. I will literally stay awake until 3 am to locate where a mildew smell is coming from. There was no company on the market that offered chic water-resistant comfortable pet beds made from certified materials free of life threatening chemicals OR collars and leashes that would not turn into a biohazard within weeks.

So, I decided to put my post grad in organic chemistry to good use and designed my own. The current patent pending design and prototype of our collars and leashes emerged in Fall 2022 and we have put it through ALL tests that living on a boat with a dog for four months could provide, which I think is all of them. We proved that I finally had a beautiful collar and leash which are marine grade, waterproof, mildew and odor resistant, AND a pet bed with a machine washable cover, gorgeous to look at, comfortable, durable, and free of harmful chemicals that most other pet beds on the market are made of.

I know Aya and her friends absolutely love their Bluewater Dog gear and we cant wait for your dogs to experience our products! Xoxo -Leah

German Shepherd on a paddle board in Caribbean blue water.