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Border Collie jumping out of the water to catch a Bluewater Dog white frisbee in the air.

Floating, waterproof, durable foam dog frisbees

Introducing the ultimate playtime accessory for your dog: the Bluewater Dog Waterproof & Floating Frisbee. Perfect for adventurous, water-loving dogs, this waterproof dog frisbee floats effortlessly on water surfaces, and is made of high-quality, lightweight, and durable foam material.

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German Shepherd laying on the beach with a white dog frisbee in front of it.
Blue dog frisbee floating in light blue water.

Buoyant by design

The distinguishing feature of our durable foam dog frisbees is its ability to float on water surfaces, making it easy for your furry companion to retrieve it effortlessly during water play.

Golden Retriever holding a blue waterproof foam frisbee playing in the ocean.


Built to last

Our waterproof floating frisbees are made from high-quality foam material that is:

  • Made to withstand the energetic play style of dogs, yet soft on your dog’s teeth and gums. From gripping to biting, this frisbee is built to last.
  • Lightweight, allowing it to float effortlessly on water surfaces, making it the perfect toy for water-loving dogs.
Three dog frisbees in the colors of blue, yellow, and white floating together in light blue ocean water.

Vibrant colors

Eye-catching fun

Our waterproof floating frisbees are available in a range of eye-catching colors: yellowbluepinkteal, and white. The high-visibility hues make it simpler to track the frisbee's location, even from a distance.

Two wet Golden Retrievers looking at two teal and pink dog frisbees in front of a pool.

Easy to clean

A breeze to clean

After an exhilarating day of play, cleaning up is a breeze. The Bluewater Dog frisbee can be easily rinsed off to remove dirt and debris, ensuring it's ready for the next adventure.

Benefits of water play for dogs

Barbell graphic.

Physical Exercise

Swimming and fetching in water provide an excellent workout, promoting cardiovascular health and muscle development.

Dog face drawing.

Interactive bonding

Fun, interactive activity can improve trust and communication between you and your dog; plus it provides a great opportunity for positive reinforcement and socialization.

Brain graphic.

Mental stimulation

Learning new skills, such as fetching toys from the water or swimming through obstacles, can challenge a dog's problem-solving abilities and reduce boredom.

A heart in the palm of a hand.

Joint health

Water play can be particularly beneficial for older dogs or those with joint issues, because it allows them to exercise without putting too much strain on their joints.

Sun on the horizon drawing.

Exploration & adventure

Water play opens up new environments to explore, such as lakes, rivers, and beaches, which can provide an enriching experience that goes beyond a typical walk or backyard play.

Wind blowing drawing.

Cooling effect

On hot days, water play is an effective way for dogs to cool down, and can help prevent overheating and heatstroke during warm weather.

What our customers say

Our dogs absolutely LOVE Bluewater Dog frisbees! We've taken them to the beach, dock diving, and just regular hard play. Lightweight, float extremely well and easy for them to grab in the water, vibrant colors and extremely durable. Highly recommend!

- Courtney H.

My Border Collie LOVES the water and loves her frisbees. This one has been perfect to take out in the yard and play but also use in our dock diving practices. The flimsy cloth ones always sat low in the water and she would often push it under and became very hard for her to retrieve. Thankfully I found these and it’s been great!

- Lauren

I have 4 dogs with all different styles of play and preferences when it comes to toys. All 4 of my dogs immediately loved this frisbee! I’m going to have to order more! The design and shape of the frisbee is easier for my dogs to pick up, specifically my Beauceron who gets annoyed easily with traditional cheap frisbees because he can’t get them off the ground. They’re also a softer material so I don’t have to worry about my older dogs having dental issues or pain when playing with it. The packaging was professional, beautiful and loved the added sticker that came in the box.

- Lindsay W.

Our Story

We’ve spent a lot of time living on the water with our very active and fun-loving German Shepherd, Aya. So naturally, we sought to design the perfect toy for her and other water-loving dogs and created the the Bluewater Dog Waterproof & Floating Frisbee.

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